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Driving While Texting

Driving While Texting

February 22, 2012 By:
On March 8th 2012 Pennsylvania will join 35 other states with a statewide traffic law banning texting while driving. Under Senate Bill 314, text messaging while behind the wheel will be subject to primary enforcement, which allows law officers to stop and cite offenders for that reason alone and will carry fines of $50. The new traffic law does NOT ban talking on handheld phones while driving.

Enforcing this law will present a challenge for local and Pittsburgh police. In a recent interview by, Margaret Harding of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Ross police Detective Brian Kohlhepp said, “The challenge of the law is you have to see they were actually texting and not manipulating their phone for other purposes, adding that officers might be able to see someone texting if they’re driving alongside them”.

With so little experience with the enforcement of the ban, many feel that court cases will serve as guidance in this process. Only after there has been ample time to enforce the ban and numerous traffic citations issued will this learning curve be achieved. The ban on texting in Pennsylvania is meant to improve the safety of our roadways but, may be just another invasion of privacy law.

Starting March 8th 2012, in Pennsylvania the new texting-while-driving law will begin to be enforced. Another aspect to this law is that it may be the probable cause violation leading to far more serious allegations that are raised by local and Pittsburgh police following the initial traffic stop. If you encounter such violations, consult with an attorney who concentrates in traffic law to determine your rights.

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