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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pittsburgh

Do I Need a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Febrary 20, 2012 By:
There are many criminal offenses on the books and the government keeps adding to them all the time. In particular, the Federal Criminal Code and criminal statutes under other sections of the Federal law are being added to and amended. Rarely are the changes to the favor of an accused. If criminal charges are filed in federal court it is a serious matter. Even though many of the crimes charged in federal court are not of a violent nature, they can have very serious consequences to the person charged with what are often called “white collar” crime. This can be seen in some of the recent sentences in Pittsburgh federal cases.

Crimes associated with business are commonly the basis of Federal criminal charges. These cases may be defendable in the Federal Courts in Pittsburgh and elsewhere and can be reviewed for ways to fight the criminal charges by a Federal criminal defense lawyer. Common federal indictments concern cases such as fraud charges, embezzlement, money laundering, bribery, and internet crime.

Other commonly charged federal crimes in Pittsburgh involve drug charges, firearms violantions, counterfeiting and bank robbery. Foreign nationals and non-residents are governed by federal criminal laws while here in the United States. Federal criminal charges can lead to deportation and denial of re-entry for non-citizens.

If you find yourself , a friend or family member facing a federal criminal charge in Pittsburgh immediately seek the help of a attorney who handles Federal criminal defense in Pittsburgh. Foreign nationals and non-residents should seek the legal counsel of a federal criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh to learn their rights.

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