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Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney in Pittsburgh

February, 4 2012 By: J & B
Finding a criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of options for legal counsel, from small single lawyer firms to multi-million dollar legal teams.

The methods a person, accused of a criminal act, has at their disposal to find a lawyer are equally numbered and confusing. There is the phonebook, with its pages of alphabetized listing and numerous full color ads. Finding a attorney here is a systematic as closing your eyes and placing your finger anywhere on the page. There is the internet, this directory of lawyers and attorneys is not much clearer when it comes to picking your legal representation. Page after page of flashy websites and trendy social tools attempt to swoon you to choose a firm based on glitz and glamour. Although within all the websites there is a wealth of knowledge to help you pick an attorney. Online reviews offer a first hand reference from clients and often times a result of their cases. Read more than one review to get a full view of the attorneys style and record in court. The final, and most used, method of choosing a criminal defense attorney is word-of-mouth. Generally you will seek the advice of a friend or family member to help differentiate between who is a good lawyer and who isn’t. This method, while tried and true, often times lands you the wrong tool for the wrong job, you get your fathers tax attorney handling your DUI case.

It is recommended when choosing a criminal defense attorney, to evaluate your choices read reviews and references from past clients. Reading the criminal defense attorneys’ online review’s can sometimes offer you the previous outcomes of similar criminal cases. Find a lawyer who specializes in the specific type of criminal case you have. Once you have found the attorneys who specializes in your type of criminal case, look at their references and reviews. Meet with the potential candidates and determine who gives you the best chances to win your case. Choosing a lawyer based on price or reputation can often times leave you with just that, a big name expensive lawyer or a cheap imitation of a defense attorney, neither will give you the outcome you want. Retain the attorney, based on the information that YOU gathered from reviews and references, that gives you the best representation.

To summarize, when faced with criminal allegations you have a number of options to aid you in your quest for counsel. Picking the person controlling your future and sometimes your fate is not an easy choice. With the information offered here, you now have a better chance of understanding the landscape that awaits you when you have to make your choice for a criminal defense attorney. Remember to read reviews and ask for references. Find the criminal defense lawyer who specializes in your specific type of criminal case. An informed client has a better chance of beating the case and moving on with life.

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