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Pittsburghs’ South Side Round-up

March 13, 2013 By:

Recently the south side of pittsburgh has seen an influx of police patrols, traffic enforcement, firemen and building inspectors issuing citations and tickets to businesses as well as their patrons.

The enforcement has yielded some astonishing numbers of traffic citations, non-traffic citations and towed vehicles. Not all citations will be justified or have merit. Businesses, patrons and visitors vehicles are all subject to the strict enforcement of laws.

In what has been titled “South Side Round-up” these are the numbers to date:

  • 1,319 citations issued
  • 433 occupancy inspections
  • 378 vehicles towed

Some of the more common violations are:

  • public drunkenness
  • disorderly conduct
  • underage drinking
  • driving under the influence (DUI)
  • illegal parking
  • expired meters
  • assault
  • harassment
  • and many others….

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