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Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

Pennsylvania DUI LawyerPennsylvania DUI Lawyer Available 24 Hours Every Day

Were you pulled over by a police officer under suspicion for a DUI? We suggest you contact a  Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer immediately. DUI law in Pennsylvania can be very complex and often requires immediate action to protect your driving privileges. A Pennsylvania DUI lawyer from Joyce & Bittner has over 25 years experience in criminal defense including DUI cases.

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Get a Free Consultation Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

You have the right to speak to an attorney as soon as is practical. Once this opportunity arises, call a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer from Joyce & Bittner at (412) 281-9919. In order to meet your needs, we have an attorney available 24 hours a day to take your call. We can provide immediate advice on how to best  handle your DUI situation to give you the best chance to overcome it.

Why Should I Hire a Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer?

Providing a quality criminal defense for your DUI is nearly impossible without an experience criminal lawyer who specializes in DUI law.  A Pennsylvania DUI lawyer from Joyce & Bittner can help you by:

  • review your case for flaws in the DUI testing/examination
  • negotiate for lesser charges
  • represent you during your trial
  • challenge the validity of testing methods
  • securing experts’ testimony
  • provide a professional examination of the evidence
  • if this is your second offense

If you are still unsure about where you need a lawyer, we suggest you call us for a free consultation at (412) 281-9919 or toll-free at 800-299-5530.

Sentencing and Alternatives Through a Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

Pennsylvania DUI law is some of the most severe in the nation, containing mandatory sentences based on three tiers of alcohol levels in your system at the time of arrest. These tiers are:

  • General impairment DUI (.08 to .099% BAC)
  • High BAC DUI (.10 to .159% BAC)
  • Highest BAC DUI (.16% and higher BAC)-(Also driving under Drug Influence or for refusing Alcohol Testing)

First Time DUI Offenders Need a Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

If you are convicted first offense you could potentially face imprisonment up to 3 days and you could also receive a drivers license suspension of 1 year. Here are the standard penalties for a first time DUI offense.


Blood Alcohol Levels (B.A.C.) License Suspension Fines Jail
B.A.C. 0.08%-0.099% None for True First Offense $300 6 mos. probation
B.A.C. 0.1%-0.159% 12 month suspension $500 48 hours
B.A.C. 0.16% and above 12 month suspension $1000 72 hours


However, you may be qualified for the ARD Program (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition). If you are eligible and admitted into the program, you will not have to serve any jail time. Your drivers license suspension will be for 30 days or 60 days (90 days for a minor), but NOT for 1 year. Call a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer from Joyce & Bittner for a free consultation that includes an ARD Review at (412) 281-9919. First time DUI offenders can schedule an ARD Review with a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer here.

Second Time DUI Offenders Need a Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

A second DUI in 10 years can result in significant and UNEXPECTED penalties. Most people don’t realize that a conviction for a second drunk driving offense carries a jail sentence of at least 30 to 90 days depending on your Blood-Alcohol result. A second DUI conviction also carries a drivers license suspension minimum of a 1 year and as long as 18 months.

A second conviction also carries a fine of up to $5000.00. If you are charged with a second DUI offense you have some serious legal problems that can effect you and your driving privileges for years to come.


Blood Alcohol Levels (B.A.C.) License Suspension Fines Jail
B.A.C. 0.08%-0.099% 12 month suspension $300 5 days
B.A.C. 0.1%-0.159% 12 months $1500 30 days
B.A.C. 0.16% and above 18 month suspension $5000 90 days


Because of the heavy punishments you potentially face for a second DUI, we highly suggest you seek legal help from an experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer. These penalties can significantly affect both your home and work life. Hiring an attorney can help provide you the best outcome to maintain your current lifestyle.

Third and Subsequent DUI Offenses

A third or subsequent DUI conviction in 10 years carries a jail term of at LEAST 90 days and possibly a 1 year mandatory minimum sentence in a state prison.

A third DUI conviction in 5 years results in your driving privilege being Revoked for 5 years. It also carries a fine of up to $10,000.00.

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“Each of the criminal defense lawyers at Joyce & Bittner have over 25 years of experience in criminal defense, including DUI cases. Call us 24 hours a day at 412-281-9919 or 1-800-299-5530″

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