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Common Criminal Defenses We Handle

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Let Our Criminal Defense Attorney Help You

With each defense attorney having more than 25 years of legal experience including prior work in prosecutions, the criminal defense attorneys at Joyce & Bittner provide legal help with this strong background. We stress the discreet and confidential legal defense of persons accused of crimes in situations ranging from cybercrimes such as Internet fraud and illegal downloading to charges of theft, sex offenses, and driving under the influence (DUI).

Additionally, our experience and familiarity with law enforcement and prosecution procedures represents an important strategic tool in our defense of clients’ criminal charges, especially in the early stages of a case. For more information and a free consultation about your legal problem, contact the criminal defense lawyers at Joyce & Bittner in Pittsburgh.

Our criminal lawyers represent clients facing charges or investigations such as the following:

Sex Offenses -ranging from online solicitation of a minor to statutory or acquaintance “date” rape, aggravated sexual assault, illegal pornography, Megan’s Law violations, and lewdness charges

State Grand Jury-proceedings in which you are involved as a person of interest such as a witness, or as a target or subject of the Grand Jury Investigation

Crimes Involving Computers or Internet Fraud-commonly known as cybercrime, including illegal downloading, illegal intrusion or hacking, unlawful access, pornography, “Phishing”, or any other computer crime

White Collar Criminal Charges-such as identity theft, embezzlement, mortgage fraud, public corruption, tax evasion, or obstruction of justice

Juvenile Offenses-including serious felony charges where the defendant will be tried as an adult

Drunk driving charges-under the Pennsylvania DUI law, including repeat offenses and Aggravated Assault by Driving Under the Influence

Pennsylvania driver’s license problems-including problems for drivers in other states that are caused by unresolved Pennsylvania traffic tickets or Pennsylvania driver’s license suspensions

Serious traffic offenses-including Reckless driving, School Bus violations, Driving Without Insurance, or Driving Under Suspension or Revocation, and Excessive speed. We are also knowledgeable about and alert to Commercial Driver’s License problems and defend truck drivers and CDL operators on virtually any traffic offense.

We can help at all stages of a criminal case. We can advise and represent persons in the early stages of a criminal investigation – sometimes avoiding prosecution. We can also handle all phases of a case if charges are filed, from surrender, arraignment, preliminary hearing, and pretrial motions to a trial. In traffic ticket and Pennsylvania driver’s license cases, we often represent persons who live in other states who need help resolving Pennsylvania traffic violations or license problems. In some cases, it will not be necessary for you to return to Pennsylvania for us to handle your situation.

Contact the criminal defense attorneys at Joyce & Bittner. Call us today 412-281-9919 or 1-800-299-5530

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