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Pittsburgh Fraud Defense Lawyers

pittsburgh fraud defense lawyersPittsburgh Fraud Defense Lawyers that Handle Federal and State Cases

Regardless of whether you are facing fraud charges at the federal or state level, Joyce & Bittner Pittsburgh fraud defense lawyers can help you best combat these charges. Each of our Pittsburgh fraud defense lawyers have over 25 years of criminal defense, including extensive experience defending against fraud and white collar crime charges.

Types of Fraud Handled by the Pittsburgh Fraud Defense Lawyers

Joyce & Bittner’s Pittsburgh fraud defense lawyers each have over 25 years of criminal defense that includes defending a wide variety of fraud charges including but limited to:

While these are common types of fraud cases we handle, our Pittsburgh fraud defense lawyers do have experience in many other types of fraud and white collar crime.

How Pittsburgh Fraud Defense Lawyers Can Intervene Early

The most important piece of advice Joyce & Bittner’s Pittsburgh fraud defense lawyers can give you is to seek legal help as early as you can — if possible, before you receive charges. If the police have contacted you with suspicions or have issued you a subpoena, the time to call Joyce & Bittner is now.

We also have a vast network of experts at our disposal to study every piece of evidence against you to determine the answers to questions such as:

  • “Will I be charged with a crime?”
  • “Do I have a defense?”
  • “What are my rights — do I have to talk?”
  • “What kind of criminal penalties do I face at sentencing in a federal or state court?”

Our dedicated criminal defense lawyers are here to help you regardless of the stage you are in the criminal process. Whether you have just received a subpoena to go before a federal grand jury or if you have been indicted and are facing trial, we know the steps that must be taken to protect your rights and to aggressively fight for your future.

Pittsburgh Fraud Defense Lawyers with Histories as Prosecutors

At Joyce & Bittner, our Pennsylvania fraud defense lawyers each have more than 25 years of legal experience. This experience includes work on both sides of a criminal case.

Before entering private practice, both attorneys at our firm spent roughly a decade working for government agencies — Mr. Bittner in the Allegheny County Pennsylvania Prosecutors’ Offices, and Mr. Joyce in the Pittsburgh City Solicitor’s Office. They understand how your opposition works, and they personally handle every case at our firm from start to finish.

Their former prosecutorial experiences inform their defense approaches, as they know what the prosecution must prove to obtain a conviction. This often works in the favor of our clients in defending criminal cases, as well as in plea bargaining and other sentencing negotiations.

Do Not Speak to the Police Without Pittsburgh Fraud Defense  Lawyers

No matter how good your intentions are, you cannot talk your way out of criminal charges. It’s very true — anything you say to the police will eventually be used against you.

In fraud cases, the decision to charge you has likely already been made before the investigators try to talk to you. In fact, when they approach you with questions they may already have an arrest warrant. As soon as possible, contact Pittsburgh fraud defense lawyers from Joyce & Bittner for advice on how to answer police questions.

Even if you think your words are helping, they may be interpreted in such a way as to incriminate you.  Do not fall for this trap and contact Joyce & Bittner’s Pittsburgh fraud defense lawyers.

Contact Pittsburgh Fraud Defense Lawyers

For aggressive, experienced representation against your fraud or other white collar criminal charges, contact our Pennsylvania fraud defense lawyers. We offer free initial consultations with an attorney to all new clients. We are ready to take a stand for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at 412-281-9919 or toll-free at 800-299-5530.

We encourage you to contact us as early as possible. When retained early in a case, the lawyers at Joyce & Bittner can make a critical difference, sometimes even succeeding in having cases dropped before the charges have been officially filed.


To schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer at Joyce & Bittner, call today at 412-281-9919 or toll free at 1-800-299-5530 or contact our law offices online. We are ready to take your call any time, 24 hours a day.

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