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Pittsburgh Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Pittsburgh Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Get a Free Consultation from a Pittsburgh Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges stemming from a sex or sex-related incident can be confusing without the proper legal training. These are high stakes cases with no margin for error when putting together your defense. You need to act fast and talk to a Pittsburgh sex crime defense lawyer to ensure that you are as prepared and protected as possible.

Joyce & Bittner are veteran criminal defense attorneys who know the importance of starting strong and planning ahead. To help you get started, we offer your first consultation with an attorney for free. We will let you know the immediate action you need to take, explain your charges to you, and instruct you on the rest of the criminal defense process.


It’s Important to Get Early a Pittsburgh Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

If you are facing charges related to any sort of sexual offense, do not wait to hire an attorney. Early in the process, a lawyer can attempt to reduce your charges, minimize your penalties. and potentially have the case against you dropped altogether. For example, if the charges are the result of joint access to a computer or misidentification, our attorneys may be able to prevent your charges from even being filed in the first place.

A Pittsburgh sex crime defense lawyer from Joyce & Bittner will do whatever we can to make sure your reputation is not ruined by baseless or unfounded allegations. In computer related offenses, we have access to highly qualified experts who can analyze the government evidence, including the computer forensics, in building your defense.

Make Sure to Hire an Experienced Pittsburgh Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

When searching for an attorney for a sex or sex-related criminal defense, it is extremely important that you speak to one with years of experience delivering successful outcomes for their clients. Hiring one that specializes in these areas will give you the best chance to secure a favorable outcome for yourself.

Joyce & Bittner each have over 25 years of experience in criminal defense, and they frequently handle cases in this area of the law. We know what questions to ask, what details to look for, and how to leverage the facts of the case in your favor.

A Pittsburgh Sex Crime Defense Lawyer that Defends Against Many Types of Sex-Related Charges

Over the years, we have handled a wide variety of sex and sex-related criminal defenses. Below we have listed many different types of cases we typically handle, although we do have experience in many more beyond this list.

  • solicitation of a prostitute
  • internet solicitation of a prostitute
  • downloading illegal pornography/child pornography
  • rape/sexual assault
  • statutory rape
  • indecent exposure/open lewdness
  • cases involving undercover agents

A Pittsburgh Sex Crime Defense Lawyer with the Resources You Need

The advantage of having a long track record of success is that a Pittsburgh sex crime defense lawyer from Joyce & Bittner has developed a network of experts such as computer forensic specialists to help them get to the bottom of cases.



“Each of the criminal defense lawyers at Joyce & Bittner have over 25 years of experience. Call us 24 hours a day at 412-281-9919 or 1-800-299-5530″

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