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Criminal Case Results

Assault (juvenile court) — Prosecutor, police and probation informed of the child’s background agreed to a “consent decree” — a special disposition available in juvenile delinquency cases. Client completed the consent decree in the time allowed and will now be eligible to have his record expunged.

Simple Assault — An employee of a office machine company contracted to work at a middle school was accused of Simple Assault for allegedly grabbing and/or striking a student. After retaining Joyce & Bittner, the case was successfully ended with a withdrawal of the assault charge against our client.

Aggravated Assault–Client accused of Aggravated Assault and related charges for allegedly attacking a court official. A motion challenging the sufficiency of the evidence prior to trial filed by our office was successful in having all felony and misdemeanor charges dismissed.

Aggravated Assault–A young man was accused of a felony Aggravated Assault charge arising out of a tragic shooting incident involving a relative. Joyce & Bittner was successful in achieving a resolution with the prosecutor’s office allowing the young man to plead guilty to lower level misdemeanor offense of “Minor Prohibited from Possessing a Firearm.” With the graciousness of the consent from the victim’s family, the client received a sentence of probation and will try to make amends and rebuild his life.

Altering or Forging Documents–Client facing various charges including Altering or Forging Documents related to a vehicle, driving under suspension, and several other traffic violations. As a result, the client – who commuted daily between two states for his job – faced lengthy license suspension time and criminal penalties if convicted. We were successful in obtaining an agreement for a plea of guilty to a minor summary offense, all other charges were withdrawn. The client was sentenced to a $50.00 fine with no further penalties and no loss of driving privilege.

Criminal Mischief–19 year old client with no prior criminal record faced misdemeanor charges of Criminal Mischief and possession of instruments of crime for painting Graffiti (“tagging”). The case was favorably resolved with police and prosecutor’s office under an agreement for the payment of restitution and a small fine on a reduced summary charge.

Criminal Trespass–College student convicted of a summary violation of Criminal Trespass. Case appealed for a new trial. Agreement reached with the prosecution for the charge to be dismissed in return for the client’s completion of community service.

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