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Federal Criminal Case Results

Pornography Case – Federal District Court – Squirrel Hill area man cleared of a charge of possessing child pornography after the Court sustained defense arguments that the FBI searched his home illegally.

Bank Robbery – Federal District Court – A young Pittsburgh woman was given a substantially reduced sentence in a string of bank robberies occurring in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh.

Pornography – Federal District Court – Pittsburgh East End resident was given a reduced sentence based upon downward departure motion presented by Joyce & Bittner in a child pornography case.

Drug Case – Federal District Court – Pittsburgh man received a reduction in sentence by the Judge based upon Defense Attorney’s presentation of the client’s cooperation efforts and sentencing information in a drug trafficking and conspiracy case.

Drug Case – Federal District Court – Sentence of probation obtained for Pittsburgh area man convicted of a marijuana growing operation.

Sex Crime – Westmoreland County – A Westmoreland County man cleared by acquittal after trial for allegedly sexually abusing his granddaughter.

Rape Case – Allegheny County – Pittsburgh man found “not guilty” after trial on charges of attempted rape and aggravated assault. Law enforcement had publicized his arrest as the first prosecution in Allegheny County obtained by use of “AFIS” (Automated Fingerprint Identification System).

Robbery – Pittsburgh – Young Pittsburgh woman cleared of robbery charges after successful plea negotiations with prosecutors’ office.

Internet Fraud – A California mother accused of participating in an international internet fraud involving a pay per click “Click Fraud” scheme, found “not guilty” by reason of insanity in Federal Court.

Conspiracy, Access Device Fraud, Attempted Access Device Fraud – Client was indicted in Federal Court on charges of Conspiracy, Access Device Fraud, and Attempted Access Device Fraud. The government was alleging losses in excess of $100,000.00. There was a co-defendant in the case along with several other individuals charged in related indictments. At the time of the client’s arrest, the Prosecutror’s office issued a press release announcing that the law provided for a total possible maximum sentence of up to 45 years in prison, a fine of up to one million dollars, or both. At the conclusion of the case, the client was sentenced to a term of probation, while the co-defendant and all related defendants were sentenced to varying prison terms.

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